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Our radios and speakers are manufactured using the same technology and standards,
and often in the same facilities as any other household name brand audio electronics.
We provide our customers with a wide variety of features to meet every need such as
CD/DVD players, Bluetooth Technology, USB Connectivity and more.
A perfect classic look and sophisticated modern technology are what makes quality
Custom Autosound products stand out from the crowd.
They look as great as they perform delivering an excellent sound experience.

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Hide-Away Hidden Antenna Hide-Away Hidden Antenna


Our Price: $29.95


All Custom Autosound radios are extensively tested to operate at
temperatures below 40 degrees and up to 130 degrees F.
After the temperature test each radio goes through a vibration test.
All radios are tested this way. After testing each radio is hand adjusted
to fit your Camaro before leaving our warehouse.
We practice rigorous quality control standards
and boast a less than .05% product return rate.